The owners of Seacoast Kettlebell, Newington's Texas Roadhouse and Dover Brickhouse and Ember Wood Fired Grill are teaming up to do some good in the community.

The teammates are calling their effort “Random Acts of Kindness,” and Phase 1 involved bringing hot meals to Wentworth-Douglass Hospital's emergency-room staff in Dover on Tuesday.

“We wanted to give back to some of the people serving our community and use our businesses to do a little good - and hopefully get some smiles,” Seacoast Kettlebell owner and trainer Colin McGarty told Seacoast Current.

The gym coordinates charitable events and encourages members to get involved in charitable giving to benefit of a variety of causes throughout the year. This particular idea was sparked when a gym member — and nurse at Wentworth-Douglass — was talking about what it’s like to work in the emergency room right now.

“I was talking with a member about what the numbers are like in the ER; it’s a tough place to be day in and day out right now. I wanted to help out in some way,” McGarty said.

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To many, Seacoast Kettlebell is more than just a place to work out; it’s a community. So it’s no surprise that the idea gained instant traction.

“Colin reached out and told me about the idea,” Chris Serrecchia, owner of the Dover Brickhouse and Ember Wood Fired Grill, told Seacoast Current. “He’s really good about doing things for the community. I don’t usually have the time to stop and think doing things like this, but Colin brought it up and of course I wanted to get involved.

"We’ve been doing a lot of grab-and-go, individual-sized meals lately and plan to do more in the future, and I think that’s why he thought of us.”

McGarty posted about the effort on the gym’s Facebook group for members, inviting members to donate if possible. So far, they’ve raised over $500 from gym members alone.

Another gym-goer and local business owner saw the post and reached out to McGarty to find out how she could get involved.

“I immediately wanted in,” Kelly Brennan, local owner of Newington’s Texas Roadhouse, told Seacoast Current. “I just feel like I’ve gotten a little lazy. I’ve been so focused on keeping our staff and the community safe, that I forgot about the people that have been out there fighting the good fight for us.

“Seeing other business owners like Colin wanting to give back to the community and making it happen was inspiring; it made me want to get involved.”

With Texas Roadhouse joining in on the effort, the team is able to provide even more meals. So far, the plan is to bring individually packed meals to first responders over the next few weeks, starting with the emergency-room nurses at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital.

“Our goal is to help out first responders – people whose jobs require them to be in harm’s way, like cops, firefighters, and nurses,” McGarty saod. “We’re just trying to recognize the people that are going above and beyond in our community and to give something back for everything they do for us."

Tuesday evening’s mission was a success, the team said. Seacoast Kettlebell and Ember Wood Fired Grill delivered dinner – and dessert – to the emergency-room staff at Wentworth-Douglass Hospital, and plan to feed more of Dover’s first responders next week.

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