Now this is quite the inspiration.

It's always meaningful and life-changing when someone lends a helping hand to those in need, whether that's through financial assistance, donations, time, or another manner. Over the holidays, acts of kindness towards those less fortunate are even more of a blessing.

The Dover Children's Home in New Hampshire recently shared this heartwarming story about young Ted Decker. According to the below Facebook post, 10-year-old Ted first visited the Children's Home back in 2014 to offer them a donation of funds he'd raised. The following year, he returned for the same purpose, and this selfless good deed soon became an annual tradition. This week, a now-18-year-old Ted returned to the Children's Home for the eighth year in a row, presenting them with a $7,700 donation. How awesome is that?

The post goes on to mention that over the years, the staff at the Children's Home have gotten to know Ted, watch him grow, and hear all about his various milestones. Next year, he will be graduating high school and going off to college.

There's no doubt that Ted has touched many lives through his generosity and hard work, and we hope that both he and the Dover Children's Home will continue to keep this wonderful holiday tradition alive for years to come.

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