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No matter where you are in the world, there is a specific way that people talk, and New England is known for its accents.

You know the one, where we do not pronounce the letter ‘r’ in words, and instead make an ‘ah’ sound. Most people know about the Boston accent, whether through films or by living in New England.

According to a survey conducted this year by language learning platform Preply, the Boston accent was ranked the number 1 most annoying accent. Although some people may find the Boston accent “annoying”, it was ranked number 4 as the smartest-sounding accent. The Boston accent had many 6th place rankings for the sexiest accent, the accent Americans like the most, and the most trustworthy.

However, having an accent is not the only thing that makes a New Englander a New Englander.

On Facebook, I asked listeners to tell us that they are from New England in 5 words or less. Granted some had to do with an accent, but there was so much more that shows how you know someone is a true New Englander.

For instance, New England weather is definitely one of a kind, but no matter what it is like outside, we always have an iced coffee from Dunkin' (or Dunks as we like to call it). The weather is absolutely unpredictable in New England, and you may even see people wearing shorts while shoveling due to the fact that it will be snowing in the morning and the sun will be shining by the afternoon.

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