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In these post-pandemic times, we have become somewhat accustomed to seeing places we know and love close their doors. But when it is an establishment that has been a staple in the community for over three decades, that stings!

Sweet Dreams Bakery in Stratham took to their Facebook page yesterday to share that their business owners, brothers Chris & David Italiano, have decided to pursue the sale of Sweet Dreams Bakery.

They expressed their immense gratitude for the community's support over the past few years, stating, "The relationships that we have built and maintained over these three decades are enormously respected and will be surely missed."

Members of the community poured in to the comments section to express their sadness and share fond memories they made behind and in front of the counter at Sweet Dreams. Someone said they worked at UNH for 20+ years and Sweet Dreams was their stop in the morning, and also their go-to for any event that asked for dessert, cake, or pastries. One woman said she met her husband working at Sweet Dreams 20 years ago! He was a customer and she waited on him!

But my favorite comment of them all came from a man named George. He said:

"all the muffins, all the scones, the gallons of coffee I've had there...and the best damn cake for my 5oth birthday this past March! You guys rock! If I win the lottery tonight, I would gladly purchase this place and keep it rolling!!"

I love this supportive energy from George! We can't help but hope he wins!

Best of luck to Chris and Dave in their future endeavors. We will hold on to the sweet memories of Sweet Dreams Bakery.

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