We asked listeners one of the most important questions:

"If you could only visit one Maine brewery for the rest of your life and only drink their beer, what brewery would you choose?"

Needless to say, with Maine being a brewery hot spot it was not an easy choice for many.

Maine brewery culture continues to grow each and every year along with favorite breweries expanding to new tows and bigger digs.

So, what does a brewery have to do to set itself apart? Have good brews? Of course!

But looking through the favorites there are some standouts with places with truly unique locations, fantastic food, and places that are simply legendary in this area.

In this list, you will find 53 breweries that our listeners said were worthy of being the last brewery they ever have. From Wells to Bar Harbor there's truly something for everyone and hopefully, you won't have to be restricted to one for the rest of your life.

Curious what makes them so great? Check out the included yelp review under each brewery!

Did your favorite spot not make the list? Let us know, and share your favorite brewery and what makes it so special. We bet there's a good story or unique detail that will make it stand out.

If anything, it'll make us thirsty enough to go give one of these spots a try. Bottoms up, right?

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