You know when you are not ready for the fun to end, but the person who is your ride declares it's time to go? Maybe you shout "JUST ONE MORE BEER!" at the top of your lungs, or maybe you protest in the parking lot by lying down and refusing to move like this internet famous Golden Retriever did.

The pup was thoroughly enjoying his time at Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, Vermont. And who could blame the guy? This taproom and beer garden is the happy place for many, and don't get me started on their famous soft pretzel served with IPA cheese, *muah*. Chef's kiss!

A TikTok user, @patrick.ryan22, captured this hilarious moment between a golden retriever and his owner. I love how he and his friend narrate the entire thing, even speaking from the dog's perspective at one point.

In the video, you can see the dog fully protest by laying down in the parking lot. His owner lets him lay there for a minute, and starts scrolling on his phone to kill some time. Eventually, he puts the phone back in his pocket and tugs the canine's harness to try and get him in motion. This brewery-loving good boy will not move. That's when the owner picks up the dog and carries him all the way to the car. He really wasn't left with any other option aside from spending the day in the parking lot.

Dog lovers and beer enthusiasts went wild for this video. It has over 4.5 million views and has been shared over 250,000 times.

What an incredible endorsement for Harpoon Brewery. It is clearly the perfect spot to spend the dog days of summer.

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