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For whatever reason, New England news anchors have been making their own headlines to kick off 2023 for a bunch of random reasons.

Literally hours into the New Year, WMUR meteorologist Jacqueline Thomas shared that she got her first piece of insulting "fan mail" on New Year's Day trashing her hairstyle. Because, ya know, when you're putting the news on to catch what the weather is going to be like, the meteorologist's hair is what matters most.

Not too long after that, another WMUR meteorologist, Matt Hoenig, shared his story of being verbally attacked by some random woman at the grocery store who, ironically enough, started the conversation super nice.

And now, to wrap up the first month of 2023, an NBC10 Boston news anchor is coming clean about a little lie she's been keeping since day one.

Tamara Sacharczyk via Instagram
Tamara Sacharczyk via Instagram

NBC10 Boston's Tamara Sacharczyk

According to her NBC10 Boston bio, Tamara Sacharczyk has been reporting the news for Boston since she joined the NBC Boston team in October 2019. Since her first day a few years ago, she's been keeping a bit of a secret.

For whatever reason, it's captivated the audience -- at least it seems that way in the caption that Tamara put on one of the latest videos on her Instagram -- her height. Multiple people have commented on how tall she is while reporting.

Because, again, like the situation with Jacqueline Thomas' hair mentioned above, apparently when someone tunes into a news station, the actual information comes second before thoughts on the reporters' looks/appearance.

Tamara Sacharczyk's Instagram

The cool thing about Tamara's Instagram page is that she seems all about giving viewers a behind-the-scenes peek at what it's like to be a TV news reporter. From sharing what it's like as a reporter to receive and deliver breaking news all at the same time, to the hilarious everyday life of being married to a reporter, to admitting a lie.

Because, in Tamara's own words, she "tricked ya."

But seriously, you should follow Tamara's Instagram -- she's hilarious. (Especially her "When You Marry a News Anchor" series of videos.)

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