A GoFundMe page was created to help a Milton couple who lost their home and their dog in a fire on Saturday.

The fire in the house on Mason Road spread into the adjacent woods and another house, according to Milton fire chief Nick Marique. Forestry crews and firefighters were able to keep the contain a brush fire to just over an acre of woods and protect the neighboring house.

The house was a total loss for homeowners Ariel and Carmen, who were not home at the time of the fire, according to Linnaea Walker who created a GoFundMe page for the couple.

Perhaps worse than losing everything in the fire was the death of their dog Jackson despite an effort to rescue him. A man was injured and hospitalized trying to save the dog, according to Marique.

"While material items, possessions, and a home are eventually replaceable, they unfortunately lost a very crucial piece of their heart," Walker wrote.

Walker said that Carmen is a professional electrician while Ariel has a full and part time job.

"These items that they lost had been worked for, and built upon over time. These are not people looking for a handout, my family needs help. Everything was lost in this fire: clothing, sentimental items, and all possessions spare the clothing on their back and the vehicles they had outside of the home."

Dry weather and low humidity have made for ideal conditions have been ideal for fires to spread quickly. Rain is expected Thursday night into the early hours of Saturday morning to lessen the risk of fires.

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