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For as much as I like to step out and try some new foods here and there, I'm also the type of person to go with "ole reliable" -- and "ole reliable" for me is a steak bomb or steak and cheese sub.

I mean, the shaved steak (or non-shaved, it doesn't matter to me) all combined with melted cheese, ham, peppers, onions -- everything. I get EVERYTHING on my steak bombs, and I enjoy every last delicious bite. If you told me I had to eat nothing but steak bombs for the rest of my life, I'd probably thank you and buy you something nice.

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Apparently, a lot of other Granite Staters are just as passionate about their steak and cheeses, too, because a question about the best steak and cheese sub in the area posted in the You KNOW you're from Rochester, NH if you... Facebook group generated almost 100 responses (at the time of writing this).

So, here it is -- FOR you, BY you -- the best spots in Rochester (plus a couple other bonus locations outside of Rochester) for a solid steak bomb/steak and cheese sub!

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