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Well, this is so cool!  Adam Sandler is home here in New Hampshire at his sister's dental practice, according to comments on the WMUR Instagram feed.

I wonder if he has a cavity? Or maybe he's having his bi-annual teeth-cleaning.

Who knows, but I love that he's basically down the road doing the family thing.

I mean, I literally just finished screaming with excitement after Jennifer Aniston confirmed on Instagram days ago that "Murder Mystery 2" with Adam is a go.

"Murder Mystery" is that whodunit comedy that hit Netflix in the summer of 2019, making one of many of its top 10 lists according to Netflix.

Yes, just those simple words from Jennifer Aniston's Instagram account,  "Back to work with my buddy #MurderMystery2" tagging Adam Sandler, was the news so many of us were waiting for. Now, it feels like we could literally see him any minute.

It appears that Adam just finished filming "Murder Mystery 2" with Jennifer (yes, I use first names like I'm friends with them). I say this because according to People Magazine, these good friends reunited for filming in Hawaii, and were literally just there last week.

Now, here we are, a week later, and Adam is home in Manchester. I still remember watching that 60 Minutes episode when they toured his childhood home.

In case you're thinking "wait, I thought he was a New Yorker?", Adam was born in Brooklyn but moved to Manchester when he was 6 years old.  He attended Manchester Central High School.

Of course, Granite Staters are loving that he's home right now, commenting on the WMUR feed.

 They literally had Adam Sandler day at my daughters high school this week as part of spirit week. What are the chances he was in the state! 
We do love him.
Our high school in Peterborough just had a dress like Adam Sandler day!
And I love that he's okay with us knowing he's here.
Welcome Home!
Since it's a 3-day weekend for many, I wonder if he plans to stick around for a few days?
Yup, super awesome.  He's never forgotten where he came from.  I always love seeing him wearing New England and New Hampshire logos in his movies.

So, how many are now adding an "Adam Sandler lookout" for this upcoming long weekend?

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