Unfortunately, outside of the harmless cat pictures and the soon-to-come first day of school pictures that will own our feeds, more negative than positive tends to exist on social media.

Fortunately, this isn't one of those instances, because what started out as voicing frustration turned into praise for one Granite Stater.

Edward Howell / James Day
Edward Howell / James Day

Dover, NH Bags

More and more cities not only in New Hampshire but across New England, are adopting the similar rules with city trash pickup that Dover, New Hampshire, has had in place for a while now -- only performing trash pickup services for trash that is in specially and specifically marked "Dover bags."

Portland, Maine, for example, uses this same trash pickup rule. And according to the official Portland, Maine, website, this is essentially just to "pay-as-you-throw" and only pay for what you throw away (as opposed to being charged a set amount weekly or monthly no matter how much or how little trash you may actually put out.)

Markus Spiske
Markus Spiske

Special Trash Bag Complaint

Recently on The (un)Official City of Dover, NH group on Facebook, a woman named Bekah was voicing her frustration with the quality (or lack thereof) of the special "Dover bags."

And that's when a man named Cody Veno stepped in and completely changed the vibe of the post.

Cody, who is a driver for WM and appears to collect garbage in Dover, New Hampshire, stepped in and offered advice to Bekah (and essentially any other Dover resident who shared in her frustration with the fragile bags.)

Put it in a black bag and just tie the Dover bag to the black bag and then just text me the address I’ll make sure it gets picked up I’m not on trash this week.

Instantly, just with that one sentence comment, Cody was praised by other members of the group. Because instead of trolling or trying to play Devil's Advocate or having some sarcastic remark, Cody simply commented with something helpful -- almost unheard of on social media.

Cody Veno you are the kindest guy. - Georgina Fucci


Cody I don’t know if you are on my route but regardless you are a great guy and obviously someone who takes pride in their job and does it well. Thank you! - Amy Cundiff


Cody Veno, can't thank you enough for all you do. It's really appreciated cause I know my bags are heavy. Gary McNally

In a world where you can be anything -- be a Cody.

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