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With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing its run through the the country, Seacoast counties and municipalities across parts of New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts have been no exception.

Here are the current trends of coronavirus spread on the Seacoast.

Among New Hampshire Seacoast municipalities, the biggest hotspots for active cases of COVID-19 are Dover and Rochester with 238 and 136 infected persons, respectively, as of Sunday.

Dover continues to top Seacoast municipalities in active infections, despite shrinking by 24 cases just since Thursday. Dover still has the third-most active COVID-19 infections in the state behind just Manchester and Nashua. Additionally, Rochester decreased by 22 cases over that span.

Additionally, Portsmouth and Hampton have 90 and 66 infected persons, respectively, as of Thursday. Both municipalities also saw decreases in active cases totals since Tuesday.

That means about 8% of active cases in the state exist within those four municipalities alone.

More than 900 cases of coronavirus were announced by New Hampshire on Thursday.

In Maine, about 22% of all cases since March are associated with York Country, while in Massachusetts approximately 16% of cumulative cases have come in Essex County.

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