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Before the memory of Cam Newton fades from all of Patriots Nation, you simply must check out this commercial he did when he was still with the Carolina Panthers.  It's going around the internet now because it's a little eerie given what we know now.

This little kid Nate is just a fan of Cam in the beginning of the commercial, but then, he begins to hilariously taunt him, even saying that maybe he could grow up and be "your Mom's favorite player."  LOL!

Some around the internet are joking that the little kid looks like a young Mac Jones.  Spooky, right?!

We can't wait for next Sunday when the official season begins for the New England Patriots against the Miami Dolphins.  Looking forward to seeing exactly what Mac Jones has in store for us.  Maybe he will be the next GOAT!

Some are saying if that's the case, then Bill Belichick will be the Greatest COACH of all time!

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