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U.S. Census

Year after year, it stereotypically seems like the group of people we try to avoid the most -- avoiding members of the U.S. Census. They'll call your home, they'll knock on your front door -- and half the time it's to ask about how they can get in touch with your neighbors, not even you.

But regardless, the annual Census is how information is put together on a state-by-state basis in regards of population, average income per household, average income per capita, what ages are cultures are represented -- basically everything down to who ate pizza for dinner in a town-by-town basis.

Alexander Mils
Alexander Mils

Maine per capita income

According to the Census website, the last batch of information available involves what is being listed as 2020 dollars. And that last batch of information shows that the Maine per capita income in general is actually below the U.S. average of per capita income. While the U.S. average is listed as $35,384 in the past 12 months in 2020 dollars, Maine's specifically falls short with a per capita income of $33,774 in the past 12 months in 2020 dollars.

To break it down even more and to show the visual representation of just how much of Maine is currently below the U.S. median, a chart was created which shows a majority of Maine counties falling well short of the U.S. median, while just a few are living above it.

And honestly, it's to the shock of almost no one.

In the comments section on the Maine Reddit of that posted chart, multiple Mainers voiced their opinion that it's exactly what they expected was happening.

"Damn, I am so unsurprised." - u/IamSauerKraut


"Who would have though all those people living in rundown houses (not fully covered in siding) with junk cars in the yard are below the median income…" - u/hike_me


"This map confirms what we’ve all been suspecting for some time…we’re poor!" - u/Real_antichrist


"Got the [hell] out of Maine after living there for 2 months for that reason. If I ever lost my job, I would be utterly [screwed] up there." - u/NinoNino3

Maine's 16 Counties Ranked By How Much Money People Make

Here's the list of every county in Maine ranked by median household income from lowest to highest.

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