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Barstool Sports Breakup Drama

Barstool Sports has never really come across as anything seriously dramatic. Although it's a legit business that brings in a bunch of cash, it comes off mostly like a bunch of good/close friends basically living their college lives forever (while working hard creating online content for an actual business.) And for that reason -- the fact that no matter how hard you try to avoid it, sometimes you and your college friends end up in drama -- art is imitating life as there happens to be a bit of behind-the-scenes breakup drama being played out in the public eye.

#TeamHank or #TeamRia

According to Couch Guy Sports, it was almost a year ago that what was seen as "Barstool's First Couple," Hank and Ria, decided to split up after a few years of dating. Ria, from the Barstool podcast/show Chicks in the Office, mentioned on an episode of the show following the breakup that they were basically just moving in two different directions, with Hank, from the Pardon My Take podcast/show on Barstool, wanting to settle down more and Ria wanting to enjoy her early-to-mid 20s a bit more. In a now-deleted Tweet, Ria said,

"We still love and respect each other very much."

What started out as a pretty chill and amicable split last year, which included an apparent agreement between the two to not date any Barstool coworkers in the future, has exploded into a dramatic Love Triangle of sorts as yesterday, it came out that Ria is now dating a different Barstool Sports employee (at least, for the time being), Marty Mush.

A quick 60-second breakdown of the drama can be seen below in at NSFW (language) video from Barstool employee Kevin Clancy.

You maybe wouldn't think so at first, but this news about the Barstool Love Triangle has been so polarizing for "Stoolies" (fans of Barstool) that everyone is talking about it -- including professional athletes. Two of which are former New England Patriots' greats Julian Edelman and Tom Brady.

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