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If you listen to me or read what I write occasionally, you know I love oddities, I am terrified of sharks and I think special lobsters are fascinating.

I am looking forward to an up-close and personal view of a blue lobster and a calico lobster this year since I just discovered that Ocean World Oceanarium has one of each right here in Hampton Beach!

They are scheduled to open their doors for visitors full time on June 26th until Labor Day according to their website.

A day of Adventure

If you are looking to learn more about the creatures lurking off our shore, a fine way to explore is a visit to the Ocean World Oceanarium in Hampton Beach.  There are even touch pools where you can have a special encounter with a sea animal!  There are many exhibits to explore and learn about how valuable our local ecosystem is.

Birthday Party? Why Not?

I wish I had a summer birthday because I would love to have a birthday party at this place.

According to the exploretheoceanworld.com website, you can book a private birthday party with up to 15 kids and adults and get a private presentation from Biologist and Owner Ellen Goethel.

This is a great way to celebrate your child’s birthday while enriching them with knowledge and fun.  Check out their website and get info on these birthday parties.

Personally, I really want to see the blue lobster and the calico lobster and learn a bit more about the Ocean.  I am thinking of taking my grandson as an excuse because I can use the kid for cover because it’s really me that wants to go.


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