The grief and trauma of losing a daughter at the Byfield Greenhouse has proven too much to handle for the family that owns it, and the business will be shutting down.

The Sforza family will soon begin taking down the greenhouses and selling the equipment, Laura Sforza told the Newburyport Daily News. A timetable has not been set.

The news comes two months after an SUV driven by Janet Bach, 70, of Marblehead accelerated, went through the wall, and into the checkout area where Susan Sforza Nico, 47, of Seabrook was working. She was killed in the crash. Bach pleaded not guilty, which the family is having a tough time dealing with.

"The woman responsible for Susan's death is dragging this out by pleading not guilty. We had hoped she would accept charges and let us grieve, but she has not done that. Instead, our elderly parents are now forced to relive their daughter's brutal death over and over and over," the family wrote on the Greenhouse Facebook page.

Susan Olivia Sforza Nico
Susan Olivia Sforza Nico (Byfield Greenhouse)

They described closing the business as comparable to Susan's death, as it has been a big part of the lives of family members since the 1960s.

"The life we know and lived revolved around the greenhouses. We worked there. We played there as children. Our kids learned how to count money and give back change there. We met friends there. We formed an unbreakable community bond there. That property is special," the family wrote. "Closing our family business is like a death on top of our already tragic death of Susan. She would not believe the chain of horrible events that have transpired since the Dark Day. Her heart would be absolutely broken to know my father's dream is done. It's all over."

According to her obituary, Susan married husband Diego Nico eight months ago, and became the mother of his two children. Susan grew up in Byfield and moved to Seabrook after she was married.

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