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Did you know baby raccoons were called kits? Maybe. That is somewhat well-known.

Did you know that they were stinking adorable? I will tell you this, there is no way you thought they were this cute.

This little sucker was rescued in Wellesley, Massachusetts, just last week.  A kit can get away from their family or stuck in your neighbor's trash.

Raccoon kit rescues are relatively common.

What is less common is a whole family of kits in need of rescuing.

Well, that is exactly what happened on May 22, 2022. According to a WMUR article, a family of raccoon kits were trapped in a New Hampshire home's fireplace.

Look at this cute little fella.

There seemed to be about four young kits in the bucket. What was amazing to me was the way they seemed to check in on one another.

Call me crazy, but I saw one raccoon move his hand off one brothers back to console his  other sibling joining the family in the bucket.

Regardless, these siblings were adorable and immediately displaced from a home, as they were forced to leave their current living situation in the chimney.

Fortunately, they were reunited with their mother, according to Kyle Ware, who found and saved the baby kits.

This is the time you will be seeing many young animals become more curious as they learn to defend and hunt for themselves, according to a Wild Life Help article.

If you ever need assistance or help with a wildlife conflict in New Hampshire, call USDA Wildlife Services at (603) 223-6832 or contact a wildlife biologist at a NH Fish and Game Regional Office.

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