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You wouldn't think New Hampshire would have any kind of connection to West Virginia, but thanks to local famous chef Bobby Marcotte, now there is.

And it's all in the name of fighting for the rights of childhood cancer patients.

Bobby Marcotte / smarie_2k19 via TikTok
Bobby Marcotte / smarie_2k19 via TikTok


Just over a week ago, a massive #FightForNate movement began on social media all based around a West Virginia high school student named Nathan Rhodes. Nathan was diagnosed with cancer three years ago and recently discovered his cancer spread.

According to 59 News in West Virginia, earlier this year Nate was banned from Independence High School after being caught with a marijuana vape pen that helped curb his nausea and increased his appetite.

Multiple times last week, his classmates, fighting for his right to be present in school and act as normal as a teenager battling cancer that's spreading can, protested and walked out in his support. According to 59 News, classmates were carrying signs reading "#FightForNate" and "Justice for Nate."


The Memory of Alanna Marcotte

Naturally, hearing about this situation resonated with Bobby and hit close to home for him, who sadly lost his daughter, Alanna, back in April 2014 at the age of 13 after a heroic battle with cancer.

Since before her passing and through present day -- even through the pandemic -- Bobby has put on countless fundraising events to benefit St. Jude Children's Research Hospital in Alanna's honor.

After coming across one of the viral videos in the #FightForNate movement, Bobby decided to spread the word and encouraged others to, too, while calling out the West Virginia school system and others like it.

How can it be that in 2023 it’s perfectly acceptable to send our children with cancer to school with plenty of chemo drugs, painkillers + whatever poison but this warrior isn’t allowed to use cannabis.


According to an update from 59 News, the two-day walkout that Nate's classmates organized worked. Nate was allowed to return to school last week.

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