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You may have heard of "honey badger don't care", but what about a muskrat?

New England has a whole lot of wildlife, and as we saw with this story about a deer who became besties with the driver that hit her, these animals prove themselves to be quite brave.

Sometimes, said animals will even hang out in the middle of a busy road during rush hour.

That's just what happened yesterday on Dover's Central Ave when a muskrat made its way out into the road.

But this wasn't an ordinary situation of an animal frantically scurrying under your tires only to either book it back to the woods or try to make it across the street.

This animal did not care about its surroundings whatsoever.

Traffic in both lanes had slowed down for a muskrat, who was casually sniffing around and hanging out in peak rush hour traffic despite being sandwiched in by moving cars.

You'd be stunned to see the creature stand inches away from getting hit yet be completely unconcerned. A truck literally drove right over it (it was between the tires), and it didn't even flinch.

Unfortunately no one got any pictures, but it was quite the amusing sight.

People on The (un)Official City of Dover, NH Facebook group voiced their thoughts on the fearless muskrat.

Jessica O'Brien cited the recent construction and pavement work as the cause for more animals making appearances.

BP Cuff reminded us that although we're at the top of the food chain, "They were here first!"

Aimee Loef Normandeau jokingly referenced Captain and Tennille's 1976 tune 'Muskrat Love', dubbing the muskrat 'Sam' or 'Suzie' and saying it was doing the jitterbug on Central Ave.

Hopefully Sam/Suzie was able to go about his/her merry way unscathed.

What animals have you encountered in your travels? Let us know!

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