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The Goat is, as the kids say, a whole damn vibe. Oh, how I love it there! Let me count the ways:

I love that during the pandemic they took the dollars off the walls and gave them to their hard working staff. The people working there are always in a good mood and I think it is because they feel appreciated! That goes a long way.

The Goat Hampton via Facebook

I love their adult milkshakes that are so extravagant they could be a meal all on it's own.

Behold the peanut butter mudslide. Come to mama!!!!

goatbarnh via Instagram

I love that they know how to celebrate national pancake day!

The Goat Portsmouth via Facebook

And I love that they will help you hide from your spouse, for a small price! Come on, you didn't expect them to do your dirty work for free now, did you?

Here are the going rates for The Goat to assist you in hiding from your spouse:

The Goat Portsmouth via Facebook

50% off for regulars just goes to show if you are loyal to them, they are loyal to you! Quid pro quo at it's finest.

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