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Okay, ladies, this one is for you.

Well, this can be for the fellas too; however, in my experience, this type of "activity" is more geared toward the women of the world. More specifically, this "activity" is for the artsy, picturesque, Instagram-posting women of the world.

There is a gorgeous lavender field in Jefferson, Massachusetts, that is perfect for your next photo shoot or date night (I'll get to that part).

Look at this place.

It is undeniably beautiful, but it only stays this way for a short amount of time.

Lavender is in bloom for about 3-4 weeks from mid-June to mid-July. So get your camera and crew ready, because this purple haze will only be around for a few weeks.

And no, this incredible field of lavender is not just something pretty to stand in front of for pictures (which is totally a perk). There is a whole lot more to do at this New England farm.

According to a Boston Uncovered Article, the Lavender Farm Fest in Jefferson, Massachusetts, is:

Kicking off its Lavender Farm Fest on Friday, June 23, at 5:30 and it will feature live music on weekends, plenty of lavender-themed dishes and lavender-infused drinks, like their lavender lemonade made from SummitWynds lavender, as well as horseback riding and pony rides, an Artisanal Marketplace and self-guided farm tours.

What a perfect date night. Music and fun activities for the active one, and a picturesque backdrop for the scenic one.

But it gets even better...

You can also hike through the trails of beauty or take a yoga class on sight.

What a perfect place to find your zen, surrounded by fresh lavender.

For more information and tickets to the 4th Annual Lavender Farm Fest at The Farm At SummitWynds, check out the website here.

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