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Just because you don't ski doesn't mean you can't enjoy a ski resort.  Many ski resorts have had to think in broader terms for survival.  In a business dependent on Mother Nature's mood for the season, resorts have added everything from zip-lining to tubing and all the skiing and snowboarding options.

One of the most fun winter activities is snow tubing.  Remember as a kid when you took a big inflated inner tube and slid down the biggest hill by your house?  Tubing on a mountain takes that experience to a whole new level, with handles on the giant tubes, lanes to keep safe, and burlap strips to slow you down at the end of the run.

Best of all, the whole family can do it together, and if you go to Gunstock Mountain in Gilford, NH, you can go tubing at night, which is a whole other level of fun.

snow tubing at Gunstock Mountain Resort via Facebook
snow tubing at Gunstock Mountain Resort via Facebook

Gunstock has a special groomer specifically for tubing lanes, which packs down the snow and makes it both faster and smoother.

The tubing season for daytime passes kicks off on December 24, 2022.  If you are craving nighttime tubing, the start date is December 27, 2022.

Go online now to reserve your time, because they fill up fast.   Gunstock.com has your tickets for $36 for a 2-hour time slot day or night.  Just go to the "Buy Online" tab in the upper right.  Tubing is Saturday 10 am-8 pm, Sunday 10 am-4 pm, and Tuesday-Friday from 4 pm-8 pm.

There are a few restrictions.  You must be at least 42" tall, and must abide by these rules: no double riding on tubes, only one person per tube, no linking tubes (rafting) unless otherwise specified due to weather conditions, and no ski boots in the tubing area.

So book now, because tubing and skiing weather is just around the corner in New England.

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