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Despite the cold, I love living here in New England and experiencing the four seasons. The truth is, it's quite pretty! People go their entire lives without ever seeing snow in real life, and that makes me a little sad. We should all know the exhilaration that is sledding down the best hill in your neighborhood at full speed.

You know what is a great reminder of how awesome winter can be? A child or animal experiencing snow for the very first time. That is some of the most pure content out there. Their eyes get wide, and you can see their little wheels turning as they think "what in the holy hell is all this white stuff?!"

The Newmarket Police Department shared a video to their Facebook page recently that restored my love for snow for the foreseeable future. The footage shows their police dog named Gadget taking a much-needed break from work and going sledding with Officer Wayne.

The video was captioned: "Shhhh don’t tell The Chief":

This awesomeness went pretty viral, and has been featured on news stations in Maryland, Indiana, and beyond! It's safe to say Officer Wayne and Gadget are getting pretty famous, but don't worry, they are still as humble as can be, and will never forget where they came from.

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