Please don't blame the messenger, because no matter what, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?  That said, you may not agree with these findings, and that's what makes beauty relative.  So, here we go with the ugliest cities in each New England state, according to  It kind-of takes you back to that "person picked last in kickball" feeling, because someone or some place has to rank last.

According to, the list is based on reviews by these cities' very own residents, who basically say that even if they love living in these towns, they won't be winning any beauty contests.

Howland, Maine, may be on a river just 35 minutes north of Bangor, but that's it for beauty.  According to, it's a closely-packed, tiny town without views and very lackluster in looks.

Somersworth, New Hampshire, is just 10 minutes from Dover on the Maine border and 20 minutes from Portsmouth, but that's the only redeeming factor.  According to, it's an ugly and difficult city because of high crime rates that are causing people and businesses to move out fast, leaving boarded-up buildings, and empty homes with a polluted river along  horribly-maintained roads.

Brockton, Massachusetts, boarders Boston, so its location makes the list for location, location, location. However, according to, it's plain and boring, lacking any beauty.

Harrisville, Rhode Island, is in the northwest corner of the state by Massachusetts and Connecticut, about 35 minutes from Providence.  According to, if you're a nature lover, you'll love it, but that's it for beauty, because everything else is ugly.

Essex Junction, Vermont, according to, wins some and loses some. When it comes to beauty, there's a lot to be desired when it comes to the beauty of the town.  That said, the safety, lack of pollution, and myriad of outdoor activities makes it tops for residents, plus it's basically a suburb of Burlington.

New Haven, Connecticut, may be home to Yale University and have some delicious restaurants. However, according to, the crime as well as run-down, shabby buildings mean the ugliness often over shadows everything else.

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