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Are you aware that three of Portsmouth's best craft breweries are all within 0.5 mile of each other?

The Seacoast is loaded with great beer, no doubt about that. I am talking from Mass to Maine. There is no shortage of good, local, craft beer in New England. That said, who doesn't love a good brewery crawl?

Answer: No one. No one don't love a good local brewery crawl. Beers are best served straight from the tab to ensure full flavor and freshness.

The only issue with a brewery crawl is transportation. You either have to find a designated driver, Uber, or stumble long distances hoping you make it to all the stops and, depending on the number of brewery stops, you may not get to every one - and that's no fun. Fear no more friends, I got you.

Instead of planning your own brew crawl, and having the annoying questions of "what is the address to the first stop,"  "is it outside or inside," "can I bring my dog," "is there food available," or my favorite..."how far do we have to walk..." let me take the stress off your back.

Below is an easy-breezy afternoon brewery crawl located around the west side of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. You can avoid the busy downtown if you want, yet you are close enough if you choose to keep the beers flowing after. The best part of this specific crawl is that all of the breweries are all within a half-mile of each other.

A Walkable Three-Stop Brewery Crawl in Portsmouth, NH That's Easy

A short walk between each stop, this is a perfect afternoon brew crawl. If you are looking to spend a couple hours trying some local and different beers, give this route a go!

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