The best part about a nice summer night is grabbing the fam (including the dog) and going to an old-fashioned ice cream shop to sit on a picnic bench and recap the day.

There are a lot of ice cream parlors, but the ones with outdoor seating in the grass off to the side are the real gems we're looking for here.

Here are twothat stand out to me as ice cream places in Maine perfect to bring your pup to.

Smiling Hill Farm (Westbrook)

Did you know you can take a visit to this farm even if it's specifically just for some good cream?!

This popular farm at Smiling Hill is a great place to bring the whole family including your furry ones. From personal experience, it's easy to bring your pup and sit at a picnic table to enjoy your ice cream since there are so many acres of fields.

The best part: there is no charge to visit and get into the farm, AND parking is free.

Kettle Cove Ice Cream & Shack (Cape Elizabeth)

This place is SO CUTE and SO dog friendly.

I tend to lean towards the ice cream shops that have cute tables in the back or the side of the shop itself where you can sit and enjoy the weather with your pup.

Kettle Cove Ice Cream & Shack exhibits all of that.

The best part is, they're open 7 days a week from 11am to 7 pm so you never have to worry about missing out. They've also got a "shack side" where you can order your favorite "fair food" like hot dogs, hamburgers and fries.

Obviously, this isn't an extensive list, just a couple of places I've been to that my dog loves to go with. What are some other ice cream shops that would be great to visit with your pup? Let me know!

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