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Hilltop Fun Center is a legendary family day, date night, or random afternoon fun spot.

First and foremost, if you have never been, you must go for the fun. Hilltop Fun Center is in Somersworth, New Hampshire, and loaded with activities for the whole family.

They have miniature golf, four go-kart tracks, laser tag, batting cages, an arcade with over 50 games, and a birthday party and snack bar. The best news, parents and adults over the age of 21, is that they also serve beer and wine.

If you are from the Seacoast area, you likely have been to this fun little spot.

If you have been to Hilltop Fun Center, you're likely going to want to hear what they are selling: their two year young go-karts, according to their Facebook page.

These bad Larry's are relatively young, have a nostalgic feel to them, and go between 16-18 mph.

The naskarts can be purchased for $1000 and require a $500 deposit. If you're interested, you should act quick. There are only 12 karts available: 3 double and 9 single.

Hilltop Fun Center is also selling their slick go karts for $1200. Again, requiring a $500 deposit.

I have never owned a go-kart, but that seems extremely reasonable.

"All karts have Honda engines that are professionally maintained and no more than two yrs old," according got the Facebook page. "The 6.5 engines were replaced last year."

Also, how cool would it be to have a go-kart from Hilltop Fun Center? Just riding downtown, inches off the ground, whipping around corners at a 18 mph max - so cool.

With old karts going out, new karts must be coming in, right?


Hilltop Fun Center is officially upping their go-kart fleet.

Check out these bad boys.

If you are interested in riding the new karts, or purchasing a piece of history in the previous ones, head on over to Hilltop Fun Center in Somersworth, NH.

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