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Fall is the best time to take advantage of the cooler weather and soil by doing some gardening before the first freeze.  Taking advantage of this time of year means a colorful, beautiful yard for those who take an hour or so to plant bulbs.

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The University of New Hampshire says that autumn has so many of the same planting benefits as spring, but with less stress and more rain and moisture.  Since plants are living, breathing things, this means they experience less stress and can deliver more energy to their roots.  As a matter of fact, roots continue to develop until the soil dips below 40℉, so there's still a bit of time before New England starts to see those continuous, chilly nights that will affect the ground temperature.

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UNH adds that a healthy, well-established root system goes a long way toward ensuring vigorous growth in the spring, so if you're up for it, here's what you should plant.  Learn to Grow Gardens says tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and peonies actually prefer to be planted in the fall, and will provide beautiful spring color as the bleeding hearts fade. Woodland phlox, astilbe, and dianthus also made the list.  UNH says to make sure you plant the bulbs at least 6 inches below ground, and keep them watered until the first freeze.

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Learn to Grow Gardens adds that these spring bulbs require a period of cold in order to bloom, so you must plant them before the ground freezes.  Planting trees and shrubs are doable as well, according to UNH, as long as you keep them well-watered deep into the ground until the first New England freeze.

Your favorite nursery can help you out with your choices.

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