You wouldn't think that a city with a nickname of "Wormtown" was the birthplace of the American Diner, but it's true.  The name, according to, isn't as derogatory as it sounds.  It got the nickname from a local punk rock DJ.

It Started Out as a Food Truck Here in New England

For me (and maybe you), eating in a diner feels like you're eating at home and someone in your family is cooking for you.  I always get the feeling that the people working in the diner really ARE family (I mean, there's not a lot of space usually, so I would think that you have to like each other).  The concept of the diner began what looked very much like a food truck we know and love today, and it started right here in New England.

From Providence, Rhode Island, to Worcester, Massachusetts

According to Richard J.S. Gutman via Danny Mortimer, the idea of the food truck started in Rhode Island. And as the idea spread, the concept of the American Diner moved to Worcester, Massachusetts, with the Worcester Lunch Car Company.  Casey's Diner, which is amazingly still in operation in Natick, Massachusetts, started out as a horse-drawn lunch wagon.  They are famous for their steamed hot dogs, which haven't changed much since the diner opened in the early 1920s.

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As you ramp up your summer plans, you might want to do a "diner crawl" instead of a pub crawl.  That's more my speed, for sure.  Not only am I am morning person, but the "no drinking" thing has become kind of a trend lately, so the diner crawl might be your style too (I feel like I should trademark "diner crawl". I don't know. I'll ask someone in legal). Here are a few of my favorites:

  • The Peterborough Diner in Peterborough, New Hampshire – Delicious, quick, homemade menu
  • Becky's Diner in Portland, Maine – I dream of their pancakes
  • The Red Arrow Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire – Famous stop for politicians, great food, and whoopie pies to die for.
  • The Friendly Toast in Portsmouth, New Hampshire – Not your classic diner, but the food will bring you back to your mama's house.

What's your favorite diner?

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