"Wait, laser tag is still a thing?"

That was the response from several of our readers when asked about the best laser tag places in New England. And it's understandable why some people would think that, as the activity arguably had its heyday in the '80s (when it was first invented), '90s, and early '00s.

But thankfully, the sport is still alive and well today.

Yours truly is not a very "sporty" person, but this trait goes out the window when a game of laser tag is proposed. There's nothing like donning matching vests and light guns with your friends, and being released into designated indoor (or outdoor) spaces in hopes of attaining victory over your opponents. The adrenaline rush is such a blast. And speaking from experience, if you're running around enough, you can break quite a sweat.

So where are the best laser tag places in New England? There are lots of options, but which ones are the best of the best, where you'll truly get your money's worth? Based on recommendations from our readers and the trusty World Wide Web, we've complied the list below. Which one is your favorite?

9 of the Best Places to Play Laser Tag in New England

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