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If you live on the Seacoast it's pretty vital that you join the Seacoast Eats Facebook group. It is the best place to discover hidden gems, find out when restaurants are opening or re opening, and meet fellow food enthusiasts! In my opinion, eating is one of life's greatest pleasures. I absolutely love trying new restaurants and cuisines and I know the other members of this group feel the same way.

I was checking out the group over the weekend in hopes of discovering a restaurant to try for dinner Saturday night. During my scroll session, I gained a pearl of wisdom that felt too important not to share. A member of the group named Becky Neal said that "When Pigs Fly Pizzeria" in Kittery has bread store next to the restaurant and they sell incredible, massive doughnuts on Saturdays. To give you sense of how large these confections are, Becky said they could EASILY be shared by four people.

Becky Neal via Facebook
Becky Neal via Facebook

Almond Joy, Maine Blueberry Pie, Chocolate Milkshake, how good do these flavors sound?! As I mentioned, these gems are only available on Saturdays and from what I am gathering this is a pretty hot spot. I would recommend getting there early to ensure you have your pick of all the flavors. Honestly, there aren't many things that can get me out of bed on a Saturday morning but donuts the size of my cranium is a pretty good reason. I know what I'm doing next weekend!

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