Adam Libby is becoming more confident because of Tik Tok...of all things.


Adam Libby has Down syndrome and lives in tiny Lincoln, Maine. Lincoln has about 3,000 people, a House of Pizza, and a Dunkin' I frequent on my way upta camp. Little did I know it's home to the world-famous Chef Adam.

News Center Maine did a fantastic story about Adam and his twin sister and her wife. For almost a year, they've been making videos of Adam cooking. There are others, but mostly it's Adam's passion for food that makes the videos.


They're doing something right because he has over 600 thousand followers and some of his videos have millions of views. Wanna know how to make chicken wings? About 4 and a half million people wanted to see Adam's way!


Chef Adam is exactly what this world needs. Actually, the world needs Adam his twin sister Emily and her wife Sarah. The three of them make super cool videos and make you want to move to Lincoln and be their friends!



Emily and Sarah coach Adam to make a couple of videos a week. It takes a bit to get the short videos. It helps that Sarah is a videographer for weddings. I thought those videos looked professional!

But the best side effect of the videos going viral is the confidence boost Adam has. And his own money! Plus making these videos has helped his ability to speak, which has always been a barrier.


Emily is just so proud of how much he's doing on his own. Sometimes when you have someone in your family with a disability, you end up doing a lot of things for them. Growing up in Lincoln, Adam and his family didn't have a lot of resources or know any other families with Down syndrome. Tik Tok has opened up Adam's world making him feel like he is a friend to all!

Plus, Adam is inspiring to families that have Down syndrome giving their kids hope!

Adam Libby Facebook
Adam Libby Facebook


If you need a dose of love this time of year, the love of this family is inspiring and beautiful in the midst of all the crap that's out there.



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