Jazz lovers are looking forward to the opening of Jimmy's on Congress this September and they are enthusiastically following the construction taking place inside the former YMCA building using social media.

On May 27, photos of the finished floors in the fourth-floor "Elle's Lounge" received hundreds of reactions on Facebook.

On June 10, they finished work on the building's original skylight. That also got a big reaction from Facebook fans.

Michael Labrie and his brother, Peter, purchased 135 Congress Street in 2017. The supper club was originally going to be called Elle's, in honor of their mother Ellen.

That plan was scrapped when a fashion magazine of the same name threatened to sue.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the jazz club was scheduled to open in the spring of this year. The owners now hope for a September opening, according to their website.

In addition to $20 martinis and cuisine from Chef Nathan Varney that blends New Orleans culinary styles, techniques and spices with locally sourced ingredients, the Labrie brothers plan to offer $5,000 "inner circle" annual memberships.

The club has a 600-person capacity and the Labrie brothers hope it will be one of the top clubs in the country and a cultural center for the city of Portsmouth.

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