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Canobie Lake Park might be among the top five nostalgic places for me and my heart.

Many of us New Englanders, especially the 603 born and raised, practically grew up at Canobie Lake Park.

From ages 2-6, our parents brought us because it was either cheap (free for kids under three) or a fun date night for them, and we do not remember much it because we were little. From ages 6-12, it was for the summer camps, day trips, or when a friend's family had an extra ticket and we'd ask "can I go mom, please?" As teens, we were old enough and tall enough to ride the rides, and we wanted to go alone with our friends.

Through all of those trips, one thing stuck out to me as a kid. Well, one ride I should say...this bad boy.

Wave Swinger ride against blue sky, vintage filter effects .
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We used to call it "The Swing", but it's really known as DaVinci's Dream.

The only thing that would make this ride better would be to do it at night and see the stars above you, and the illuminating colored lights from the other rides and swings.

Nothing could beat that...well, one thing could.

Watching fireworks from these swings could be the greatest way to watch fireworks in New Hampshire, and a very Granite State way to spend the evening.

Fortunately, every Friday from now until August 26, you can enjoy free fireworks at Canobie Lake Park.

Colorful fireworks of various colors over evening sky
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The fireworks will take place each Friday at 9:15 PM.

This is a sweet way to end a week, start a weekend, have a family evening trip, or enjoy a nostalgic date night.

For more information about the weekly fireworks or other events, see the Canobie Lake Park website.

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