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Let's be real, a lot of us are probably still waiting for the glorious day when an owl presents us with our Hogwarts acceptance letter.

In the meantime, imagine taking your child to wizarding school, only you go to Portsmouth's Strawbery Banke to send them off instead of Platform 9 3/4.

You might be wondering-- Strawbery Banke is a history museum, so what on earth does Harry Potter have to do with that?

It turns out that with a little magic, the two can have quite a lot in common.

Strawbery Banke's Wizarding School runs this February break from Monday the 28th through Friday March 4th from 9-3 PM, according to their website. The program is for children ages 7-11.

In true Banke fashion, the camp consists of daily Harry Potter-themed classes with a "historical spin". Kids will learn about herbology, creating potions, historical creatures, and even take a "Defense Against Dying" class according to the website (fans will get the reference to the series' "Defense Against the Dark Arts" course).

This all sounds like the best history-fantasy combo ever.

It's safe to say that most of us have looked online to see what our Hogwarts house is (*cough* *cough* Ravenclaw for the win). At Strawbery Banke, your child will find all that out for themselves by participating in a sorting ceremony. They'll also get to participate in house challenges and have the chance to win a house cup, according to the website.

The only thing missing is quidditch, although that probably wouldn't fly (pun intended) with grown-ups...well, that and the fact that it's unfortunately impossible.

At the end of the week, your little wizard will get to take home his or her own wand and creations.

Dang, if only this camp existed when we were kids. This sounds like a blast.

Space is limited, so check out Strawbery Banke's website for more information and to register. In the meantime, we can continue patiently waiting for our Hogwarts letters.

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