Plaistow firefighters rescued a cat who became stuck in a culvert during Saturday's blizzard.

The cat was found trapped 10-15 feet deep inside a drain pipe in a culvert on Tuesday morning, according to the Plaistow Fire Department. Firefighters, the Highway Department, and an Animal Control Officer all came to the house on Tuesday morning to size up the situation and free the cat.

Firefighters sent a hose pipe from the opposite side of the drain in an attempt to force the cat out into a basin where it could be grabbed.

Plaistow firefighters rescuing a cat from a culvert 2/1/22
Plaistow firefighters rescuing a cat from a culvert 2/1/22 (Plaistow Fire Department)

The plan worked, and the cat was lifted out of the basin into a waiting cat carrier.

The cat had not been seen since Saturday and likely took shelter in the drain during the blizzard.

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