☕Flamingos Coffee Bar said  a "skilled con artist" called their Hampton location.

☕A Facebook post said the business suffered a "huge loss".

☕Hampton Police Chief Alex Reno said the incident is under investigation.

A Hampton Beach coffee shop says it lost "a significant amount of money" following a phone call from someone claiming to be a police officer.

In a post on their Facebook page, Flamingos Coffee Bar founder MacKenzie Logan said a call was received January 9 from a "skilled con artist who impersonated a police officer over the phone using convincing and elaborate details that ultimately led to staff members being manipulated and coerced."

The post did not disclose details about the call or the scam, except to say it was a "huge loss."  In a subsequent post in the comments section, the shop said it was a "cash grab situation" and the money is not recoverable.

Hampton Police Chief Alex Reno told Seacoast Current that the department is aware of and investigating the incident. Reno said that no Hampton Police officer made the call.

Message from Flamingos Coffee Bar on Facebook
Message from Flamingos Coffee Bar on Facebook (Flamingos via Facebook)

A warning to other businesses

Logan said that despite her employees being a team of tight-knit friends and family, they were still scammed. She urged businesses in the immediate area to implement security measures about cash handling and verification of a police officer's identify.

"These may seem like simple rules, but they are certainly worth reiterating," Logan wrote.

Logan said the best way to help to help Flamingos recover is to support them with the purchase of a coffee, sandwich, or gift card.

Flamingo's also has a location in Exeter.

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