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It's pretty rare that any good happens from social media these days. 98% of it is used as smack talk by keyboard warriors, 1% is used by Tom Brady to announce his retirement while ignoring the place he spent the first two decades of his career, and the other 1% actually does some good.

Then again, you can't be shocked when Maine is involved.

A GoPro was found at Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth

Last week while perusing around Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, Press Herald photographer Ben McCanna came across something you don't normally see every day -- something unusual embedded in the sand. Ben found a GoPro that, according to him, was still in working condition and even better -- "snazzy."

From there, social media did what it does best when used for good -- it did its thing to help trace the mystery girl down. And not too long after Ben had posted his tweet, between the over 350 retweets, 750 likes, and the countless comments that kept giving the tweet attention and popping up in users' feeds, some good news came in said comments section from Marcia Aurelius (aka @hopestraw on Twitter).

"Yes! I know who it is. She was with my daughter at kettle cove!"

Granted, anyone could've come up with that if they knew a working, "snazzy," free GoPro could've been on the line. However, Marcia went on to provide proof in the comments, captioning the below picture, "Note red face from the exhaustive underwater search for the GoPro."

Marcia Aurelius
Marcia Aurelius

After exchanging a few DMs (Direct Messages) and figuring out how to return the "snazzy" GoPro, Marcia posted the good news on her own, personal Twitter.

And quite possibly nothing sums this whole experience up better than a comment left by Jennifer Forbush.

"This is so Maine, I love it."

So do we, Jennifer. So do we.

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