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This is the type of stuff you really only ever see in New England.

Shorts in the winter, no jackets in freezing rain, and apparently riding in your convertible with the top down in the middle of a wet snowstorm.

Chief Bucknam from the Skowhegan Police Department shot this photo last week and we are so happy he did.

This audacious adventurer bundled up in their heavy winter gear but didn’t put a top on…

Hey, I don’t blame the guy. I am a windows down, heat on driver in the winter because I looove fresh air so I’d love to cruise around in something like this. I am also an OG Mainer so the cold doesn’t affect us like it does other folk.

What I would really love is to know the story behind it. He got pushed out of a snowbank then went on his merry way, but to where? I wouldn’t let a snowstorm or lack of roof get in the way of a lot of things: bowling, Bailey’s, or a McDonald’s burger. I wonder what his vice is.

The picture is iconic itself but the comments are just as ‘Maine’. Here are some of the reactions on Facebook:

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This is the type of stuff you really only ever see in Maine.

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