Chick-fil-A in Westbrook is now open!

It was truly many Mainers' dreams come true yesterday when the second Maine Chick-fil-A restaurant opened yesterday at Rock Row in Westbrook. In fact, it was such a dream come true that HUNDREDS of customers waited patiently (or not, but there was no drive thru line road rage so, that's some kind of patience) for hours upon hours in a line that snaked seemingly forever to snag a bite!

With the only other Maine location located all the way up in Bangor, it was fully expected that the new Westbrook location would be loaded with new and hopeful customers. And with their store hours being Monday through Saturday 6:30a-10p, you'd think over 15 hours would be plenty of time to snag a chicken sandwich, right?


Westbrook Police had to cut the line off

The line was so insane all day long, that even though Chick-fil-A Rock Row closes shop at 10p, Westbrook Police made the soul-crushing judgment call to cut the line off at 8p last night to ensure there would be plenty of time for customers in line (up until what they determined would be the final car) would be able to make it to the actual drive thru window before closing time.

The good news for you? The weather tomorrow looks like it's going to be absolute junk. At the time of writing, The Weather Channel is reporting that Westbrook will see rain from 5a tomorrow straight through until about 8a on Sunday morning. Which means, what better time to show up early to a drive thru line and wait for hours for a chicken sandwich than on an absolute wash of a day?

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