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Encore Boston Harbor

For a long time in New England, there have always been basically three location options for full casino experiences -- head down to Connecticut to take in a night or weekend at either Foxwoods or Mohegan, check out Twin River Casino in Rhode Island, or keep it in Northern New England and spend some time at Maine's favorite, Oxford Casino.

Other than those spots, there was no real middle-ground option for New Englanders who wanted to try their hand with Lady Luck. Not until June 2019 when middle-ground was created with the opening of the Encore Boston Harbor in Everett, Massachusetts.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Encore comes with multiple options inside -- over 600 luxurious rooms to crash in for a night or weekend getaway, slots and table games for those trying to grow their bank accounts, and multiple food options. And a place to dance the night away with some of the best special guest DJs on the planet.

Memoire Nightclub

Like the tagline on the official website for Memoire says, "It's more than just a memory, it's memoire." And with the options inside of Memoire, the tagline holds true. In fact, it wasn't even two weeks ago when New England native and Las Vegas residency DJ, DJ Pauly D, returned home to spin a set at Memoire.

Memoire Nightclub fined

Unfortunately, it came out a few days ago that Memoire got hit with some not-awesome memories as well, with a hefty $25,000 fine coming down from the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and a bigger presence of the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission being enforced. According to Boston Herald, between the timeline of October 2021 and this June, there were five separate incidents of overserving alcohol documented, with one incident happening at the bar and the other during bottle service.

Memoire changes

The biggest changes coming to Memoire involve customers that are taking advantage of their bottle service, which allows customers to reserve a table and have a dedicated server pour their drinks for the night. Where before, bottles would be left at the customers' table unattended, dedicated servers will now bring remove bottles from the table anytime they aren't present.

Memoire Boston via Instagram
Memoire Boston via Instagram

By enforcing this, customers won't be free to pour their own drinks or, as happened in some cases, take drinks directly from the bottle itself (or have drinks poured from a server directly into a customer's mouth), which cuts down on overconsumption and allows servers to keep track of exactly how much alcohol they have served those particular customers.

Other changes will happen behind the scenes, according to the Herald, with more staff training being provided and nightclub managers reinforcing the rule changes during pre-shift meetings. Essentially, as a customer, other than not being able to pour your own drink or chug from a bottle, you won't even know the difference.

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