Editor's note: This article was written by Ricky Firey, a Seacoast-based official SKYWARN weather spotter through the National Weather Service.

Light snow is expected Sunday morning, but Valentine's Day will likely just be the beginning of a very active weather pattern. This system now appears to be a minor event for the area, with a dusting to 2 inches expected.

What was looking like a more impactful storm is now looking like an after-note, especially with what is expected really Monday through Wednesday and possibly beyond. With the cold air locked in place and the storm track being close to New England, we are in a ripe position for wintry weather.

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At this time, significant amounts of snow are looking possible for our area. This storm also has another feature that may have major impacts.

That feature is freezing rain, which is is something I am seriously monitoring. Right now it’s close enough where I feel it is worth mentioning. As of now, I’m holding off on exact accumulations as we are still 3-4 days out. For preparation, this weekend is your best shot of getting ready for next week.

I’d at the very least attempt to get some of that snow off your roofs and try to push back those snowbanks. Keep in mind if this becomes a significant icing event, you may want to put the thought in your head to prep for power outages and cold. Right now it’s looking like frozen precipitation but it doesn’t hurt to clear the storm drains either. Eventually, all this snow has to melt.

Have a great weekend!

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