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We all know that we are supposed to eat three meals a day, but that doesn't mean that we always do. Just like we know that we should have fruits and vegetables on a daily basis, or just eat healthy in general.

In a new study conducted by WalletHub, they looked at 180 of the most populated United States cities and 43 indicators of good health in each city. Wallet Hub looked did not only look at healthy eating but also looked at individuals being physically active, the number of nutrition and dietitians, the cost of gym memberships, the number of healthy restaurants, the cost of medical visits, and mental health counselors.

From Wallet Hub's data, some cities in New England ranked in the top 50 of the healthiest cities.

South Burlington, VT, was the top city in New England coming in at number 9. Portland, ME, was second highest at number 13. Burlington, VT, came in at 22 and Boston, MA, in 28th.

Out of 180 cities, those numbers really are not bad. Unfortunately, the first healthiest city in New Hampshire came in at the 71st slot. Nashua, NH, is the healthiest city in the state.

If you are wondering what the lowest scoring healthiest city in New England is, well according to Wallet Hub, it is Lewiston, ME, coming in at number 162 out of 180. At least, no city in New England came in last place.

Wallet Hub looked into the lowest percentage of adults not eating enough fruits or vegetables a day and New England took over the top 4 spots. Burlington and South Burlington, VT tied for number 1. Portland, ME, was in 3rd, and Worcester, MA, came in 4th place.

It's safe to say that we enjoy our fruits and vegetables, and in New England, we have the ability to live a healthy lifestyle.

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