It's a universal fact that seals can be pretty dang cute. And here in New England, it's not unusual for them to make their merry way to the shore and flop onto the beach to rest and catch some rays.

During the colder months, the little guys and gals can be seen laying on ice floes out in the ocean. Some folks have gotten concerned for their safety, fearing that the creatures are abandoned, stranded, or stuck.

However, the Seacoast Science Center (SSC)'s Marine Mammal Rescue recently made a Facebook post encouraging people to put their worries at ease.

It turns out that these seals are typically not in trouble, but are simply lounging and "chilling" out.

The SSC accompanied the post with this adorable collection of seal photos by John Karmen Photography. Some of these images really do scream "draw me like one of your French girls."

According to the SSC's website, harbor seals are the most popular type of seal in New Hampshire followed by gray, hooded, and harp seals. Harbor and gray seals are seen year-round, but all four breeds can be found during the winter months.

As always, please don't approach the seals. Although they're cute, they're ultimately wild animals and it's best to admire from a distance.

It's especially important to stay away from young pups, who are sometimes left on beaches while the mothers hunt. If a mother returns to see humans near her pup, she could abandon it, according to CBS.

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