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Even the birds are their breaking point (or should I say, beaking point?).

Such was the case in Merrimack, New Hampshire, where – this is true – an owl tried to break into a home to fight a parrot. So…take that, Florida!

According to WMUR, it all began during a St. Patrick’s Day celebration (because of course it did). That’s when Cynthia Auger heard a loud bang.

Presumably alarmed that she didn’t find her rowdiest neighbor’s car atop her porch, Auger then spotted a large owl in a nearby tree. And in the blink of an eye, the attacks resumed.

For that’s when the owl flew directly into a window in an attempt to eat Buddy the Parrot.

The family said Buddy the Parrot was freaking out. No official word what Buddy said, but a safe guess is “Buddy the Parrot was freaking out.” They thought he was safe – but no.

Soon after, the owl was spotted waiting below the window, fixated on Buddy’s cage.

Then it got creepier.

The next night, the owl returned and began an evening-long stakeout of its would-be dinner.

New Hampshire has 11 different types of owls, according to the NH Fish & Game.

And according to a wildlife expert interviewed by News 9, there is a course of action one can take if their parrot is being targeted by an owl, drastic as it may be:

“Move the bird so the owl doesn't see the bird, or pull down the shades.”

Smart advice – or should I say, Wise advice?

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