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Hunting is a long and treasured tradition in New England but there are several laws you need to abide by, like not shooting a turkey through a car window. This is a good one.

According to WMUR, a man from Cheshire County in New Hampshire saw a turkey while in his car, grabbed his 9-mm handgun shot the turkey through his car window. There are so many things wrong with this.

Problem #1: That's poaching, because there are seasons when you are allowed to hunt turkey. One season with a bow and arrow and a separate one with shotguns. Right now, it's not turkey hunting season with shotguns and, here's the part where you say to yourself "duh." He wasn't even using a shotgun. You aren't allowed to hunt with 9-mm handguns.

Problem #2: The man shot the turkey out his car window while he was within 300 feet of a home. Shooting that close to a home is against the law for the safety of those who freaking live there!

Problem #3: I'm not sure if there's a law against shooting out the window of your car, but there should be. So many things could go wrong with firing a gun while in your car.

The name of the man who did all these crazy things was not named by WMUR and that's probably a good thing for this guy. Pulling all these dumb moves sets you up for becoming the latest hunting meme. Smooth move buddy.

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