A brand new phone scam is making the rounds in New Hampshire and it's probably only a matter of time, possibly minutes, until it extends to the rest of New England. In fact, this new scam is so new that it's only about two hours old at the time of this writing.

Because the call literally just came through to me this morning not too long ago.

The phone number traces back to Italy

The first thing I noticed when my phone lit up from an incoming call was the insane amount of digits I saw right off the bat. Instead of the usual 10-digits, the first three of which usually are sandwiched inside of parenthesis, there were 12 numbers all following a "+" symbol, and according to my phone, it's an Italian number. However, when I noticed a voicemail was left, it definitely had no traces of Italy. Either that or I learned fluent Italian overnight and it sounds like plain English to me.

The voice leaving the voicemail was of a robotic female, and it almost sounds like the voicemail starts in the middle of a sentence. The Italian Robot Lady went on to tell me that if I didn't press '1' to connect to a federal agent, then there would be no other choice but to take legal action against me.

A Google search came back with no additional information

Any time I receive a call from an unknown number, I immediately assume spam and google search the number anyway just to be thorough. I did that with this Italian number, and it came back with literally zero information except a couple of links to websites that were all Italian (makes sense). But even so, the full number couldn't be found in a Google search, only bits and pieces of it.

Make sure to pass the word, especially to you older family members and friends who may naively answer this call and think they're in trouble, about this brand new scam.

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