A new outdoor play patio recently opened at the Children's Museum of New Hampshire in downtown Dover.

On May 20, there was a ribbon-cutting ceremony and CMNH President Jane Bard invited everyone to explore this new space designed for messy, creative fun.

There is a wash sink for children to clean up before going back inside the museum.

On Thursday, Communications Director Neva Cole and Early Childhood Coordinator Meredith Brustlin said the reaction from guests has been positive.

"Jane heard a little girl say, 'This is what I have been waiting for,'" Brustlin said.

Courtesy Photo
Courtesy Photo

Brustlin said she has seen children of all different ages explore the play patio.

The patio is 1,600 square feet and is the biggest expansion for the museum since they moved from Portsmouth to Dover in 2008.

Since the museum reopened with limited capacity in September on an appointment-only basis, guests have slowly started to come back.

"We knew it would be that way. We knew parents would have to assess their own comfort level on bringing kids back," Cole said.

Photo by Kimberley Haas
Photo by Kimberley Haas

Over 19 sponsors supported the building of the play patio.

Cole said they are still working on an appointment-only basis and anyone over the age of 24 months old is required to wear a mask.

The nonprofit museum, which draws people from New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, is designed to be a place where children can learn about different cultures, explore science and let their imaginations run wild.

For more information, visit www.childrens-museum.org.

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