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Maine truly is Vacationland. The well-earned nickname has only grown stronger over the years, especially with the state gaining more and more exposure.

Maine is constantly being compared, contrasted, dissected, observed, and reviewed by travel websites from across the globe. These articles can be great reference guides to future Maine vacationers or even future residents.

One of these articles I came across comes from the folks at Travel + Leisure. The highly acclaimed and popular site is always throwing out unique stories and vignettes.

The article in question for this piece has to do with Travel + Leisure's best hikes from across this vast country. And Maine is represented.

The Pine Tree State had one listed on this very exclusive list. Travel + Leisure included the Cadillac North Ridge Trail in Acadia National Park as one of the 18 finest hikes in America.

This is what the publication had to say about this legendary trail.

Acadia has hikes from easy to strenuous, each offering different views of the bays and tiny islands off the coast of Maine; the Cadillac North Ridge Trail is a great choice for incredible summit views.

Travel + Leisure isn't lying about Acadia's trail system having some of the best views in all of the state and beyond.

As for the North Ridge Trail, the 4.2 mile out-and-back hike is not just popular, but also year-round. The trail has numerous overlooks and finishes at the top the legendary Cadillac Mountain, which has a summit of over 1,500 feet.

Hikers will see views of the park, ocean, and surrounding villages. It will blow anyone away with its incredible beauty.

The North Ridge Trail was the lone New England trail listed by Travel + Leisure, which makes it even more exclusive. However, I must say New Hampshire probably deserves more love, considering it's full of incredible trails.

You can see Travel + Leisure's entire list here. You can also find out more information about the North Ridge Trail and Acadia National Park here.

Happy hiking.

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